A current project of Ultima Corporation's Software and Nanotech departments, the Universal Identification Card was commissioned by The United League of Planets out of necessity as the current ID cards are too easy to steal or counterfeit. The goal of the UIDC project is to develop a form of identification that is coherent, complete, and above all, secure. Although currently in the final stages of testing, the project was recently put on hold due to the reallocation of the corporation's resources towards exploring the PAX System.

Design SpecsEdit


A UIDC card is basically just a blank plastic card enclosing a layer of Hardlight that is filled with Nanotech designed to scan the genetics (or the LifeNet signature) of the current bearer and reproduce the recorded history of that person on the card for a few minutes. The card can be scanned from a distance of 50 feet, and it is rumored that the Ultima Corporation will be installing scanners in all their ships and hundreds of thousands of locations, so that individuals are trackable.

Information Retrieval and OutputEdit

When activated, the UIDC matches with the bearers genetics and returns an ID to the scanner which enables it to connect to the grid and search the ULP's database (currently under construction) for the record of the person who bears it. The record of the card holder is then displayed on the scanner where it can be quickly accessed. Alternatively, the card can establish a link with the grid itself and display a limited set of information on its surface.

Scope of the UIDCEdit

The UIDC is designed to list all pertinent information about the bearer, including age, species, licenses held, a list of addresses, affiliations such as employment or group memberships, legal status in the current system, and various lesser things too numerous to list here.