Division 42 is a rumored subgroup of Ultima Corporation. Ultima has denied the existence of Division 42 but many people believe that to be a cover-up.


First AppearanceEdit

The first appearance of Division 42 was in a file in The Library. Under the listings for Ultima Corporation's subdivisions, there was a file titled Division 42. This file did not contain any information about Division 42 - it was a blank file. The original Ultima Corporation file seems to have been tampered with and no longer displays the Division 42 subdivision. However The Spokesmen have repeatedly assured officials that at one point the Division 42 file did exist, and have vowed to add what purpose the divison serves to The Library.

Second AppearanceEdit

The second appearance of Division 42 was in a document leaked to the ULP. The document was a list of expenditures by Ultima Corporation. Filed under Division 42 was a very expensive list of armaments and gadgets. Many in the ULP took this to mean that Division 42 was a black-ops arm of Ultima Corporation, but Ultima maintains that the leaked document was forged to tarnish their reputation.

Third AppearanceEdit

The last and most recent appearance of Division 42 was by three ex-employees of Ultima Corporation. These men acknowledged the existence of Division 42 and maintained that they were reponsible for its logistics. According to this report Division 42 is a top-notch task force sent to deal with problems that the ordinary divisions can't handle. This report is considered most valid by the populace due to the fact that all three men died in mysterious circumstances, hours after releasing their report.


Due to the fact that the existence of Division 42 is still unconfirmed all activities are ony speculated. Such Speculations include:

  • Hacking The Library
  • Sending spies (including double agents) to the Crossbones Exchange
  • Performing illegal research in Gravotonic weaponry
  • Infiltrating CBX command structure to locate and help eliminate key officials
  • Between time travel technology and "newfangled doohickeys", they caused The Cataclysm
  • Stealing your keys while you're not looking
  • Infiltrating CBX safe houses at PAX.