The ULP Defense ForceEdit

Created during the unstable years immediately prior to the formal creation of the boundaries of the ULP and Frontier, the ULPDF maintains a constant presence in the Inner Universe, offering the safety and wellbeing that only a neutral military force can. Although divided formally between the space faring vessels of the Navy and the ground deployed Marines, both sections work together closely to maintain and preserve the order and balance that all citizens of the Inner Universe enjoy.

The MarinesEdit

You think you're tough, son? This here is the Marines. We eat pirates and terrorists for breakfast, and wash ‘em down with whatever else gets in our way.

Predictably branching from the time-honoured forces of the Legions of Humanity, the Marines are the diverse divisions of ground units employed by the ULP. From dealing with small time pirates to quelling civil wars, these troopers are trained from initiation to be ready to deal with anything… as long as it is a problem that can be solved with brutal violence. Equipped with the best that the ULP can offer, they are the shining and showcased bulwark against any threat the galaxy can offer.

The NavyEdit

Both acting as transport to the Marines, and as severe piracy deterrence, the Navy is technically the largest unified armed force in the Inner Universe, as it may call on any local ULP loyal defenses to its aid in dealing with threats. Thousands of ships of all designs, from all races, ply the vast stretches of space, offering aid, hunting down violent criminals, and delivering the benevolent guiding light of the ULP to all its citizens.