The United League of PlanetsEdit

The chief governing body of the Inner Universe and the Big Seven races that inhabit it. The ULP is a senate composed of representatives from each of it's recognized races and the many planets and colonies they lay claim to. It is, like many large, multi-cultured governing bodies, very well meaning but ultimately bogged down in red tape, bureaucracy and political gamesmanship. At least the name is impressive.

The ULP has many branches. Many are actually more efficient and effective than the parent body that spawned them.


The Universal Police Agency, UNIPOL is charged with upholding the ULP's law within the Inner Universe. Their ranks include many millions, ranging from run-of-the-mill officers and constables, to detectives, forensic scientists and many, many other specialized roles.

IU Health and WellbeingEdit

Everything from disaster prevention and relief and epidemic control and containment to medical care and the monitoring of drug purchases falls under this body of the ULP. With the hundreds of worlds and varying degrees of colonization of each within the Inner Universe, you can bet that every day is a busy day for these doctors, scientists and rescue workers.


The word 'Shady' is all-too-inadequate in describing this intelligence agency. Charged with keeping tabs of the goings on - ALL the goings on - within the Inner Universe, Eye is everywhere and probably knows everything... at least, as long as it's within the ULP's borders. Frighteningly, the total number of specialists employed by this agency is rumored to be less than ten thousand - draw your own conclusions about that.


The ULP Defense Force is the combined might of the Big Seven races, with soldiers from all seven being employed to the general purpose of enforcing order, peace, and justice for the Inner Universe. Divided between the arrogant and lofty pilots and gunners of the Navy, and the hard bitten and disciplined troopers of the Marine Corps, the ULPDF deploys wherever ULP mandate decrees it needed; although their reach seldom extends to the Frontier.