The SpokesmanEdit

Often disparaged as "Librarians with Guns" The Spokesmen (and women) are the public face of the shadowy Board of Scholars of the massive media archive known as The Library.

According to The Board of Scholars, The Spokemen's official purpose is to issue public statetments regarding additions to the archives, as well as provide access assistance to the general public to the archived information. Their unofficial purpose is to defend the integrity of The Library from all of the rival factions, by use of whatever means (including force) deemed necessary.

The exact divisions of The Spokesmen's offices are nearly as shrouded as the Board themselves, however several departments are considered public knowledge, including Acquisitions, which is charged with adding newly created material into The Library's holdings, Archives, which is charged with the preservation of existing materials,Reference and Research which provides scholarly access to all in the known universe, and Policy, which acts in combination as Press Relations and Public Access, and as such these are the "faces" most seen by the public.

Spokesman can (and do) belong to any of the other factions or species that seek the edge that information access grants, but they have chosen to put the defense of that information, and the preservation of the information as a whole, ahead of any individual factional or interspecies rivalries, and as a result are sometimes mistrusted by other members of their primary loyalties.


Spokesmen on duty wear distinctive utilitarian grey jumpsuits for everyday tasks, or a flat grey business suit for more formal occasions. Individuals belonging to other factions may also wear armbands, wristbands, or other accessories that are color coded to show their alternate alliance. Spokesmen that have acted to prevent desecration of the stored content of The Library have often found that other Spokesmen from rival clans will ignore alternate alliances in order to assist in the preservation.

Seamus CrossEdit

The Spokesmen revere Seamus O'Shaughnessy, and think of him as a martyr. The Seamus Cross is a decoration presented to members of The Spokesmen by the Board of Scholars in recognition of meritorious service on the part of the member. This award is permitted to be worn with both the formal and informal uniform, and is the only acceptable decoration on the chest of an on-duty employee. All other clan/group/species identification is limited to the wrists hands or head.