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One of the first recognized factions to form within the Bleeding Hearts, The Preordinate came into existence when members who were interested in being more proactive in their balancing efforts organized to increase the power of their voice in internal decisions. Their numbers remain small, however, and as such they are rarely able to affect Hearts policy to a significant degree.

Current StatusEdit

Currently led by Skarsol, The Preordinate has been trying to get the Bleeding Hearts to take a more proactive role in balancing people who are likely to fall out of balance, not just those that are out of balance. Recent advances in social modeling have made their predictions nearly 100% accurate for a number of races, but the majority of the Hearts worry about those cases where the predictions were wrong. Because of this, members are rarely given the goahead from the Inner Heart Council to act on their predictions, but many of them have recently begun to pay informal visits to those predicted to be the most egregious offenders. The Council has not decided just what to do about this yet.


Recruitment is fairly open as the faction makes no secret about its motives and activities.