"You can tell where we've been by what we've seen" -Society motto

The advent of space travel yielded new views of the galaxy, followed by the advent of new constellations. The Constellography Society was founded by the (now defunct) Space Explorers' Guild in order to allow amateur astronomers a public forum to submit their views on what the patterns of stars looked like from different points in space. The society has existed for almost as long as space exploration itself and members are often well regarded by intellectuals.

A popular pastime within the society is estimating a point in the galaxy based on the records of members who frequently traveled through uninhabited sectors of the galaxy on trips between systems; members who are exceptionally skilled at this are highly praised due to the inherent difficulty, involving quite a bit of guesswork even when using a modified navigational computer.
Example of a recorded constellation at an unknown point: "At this stopover is a constellation that looks like a duck with Na-Drei as the eye and Aragone somewhere in the tail."


The society was created after the explorers' guild collapsed when Ultima's monopolization of professional space exploration forced all professional explorers to either quit or join Ultima Corp. The few hobbyists who remained decided to keep the constellation project alive and as such refounded the guild as the society we know today.