Background Edit

The Terranaughts are the main organized crime ring in the Inner Universe. Smuggling, Murder, Gambling, name it, they have a hand in it. The Terranaughts aren't clandestine about it either. If you cross them, they make sure you know, in a loud fashion. With all the ill-gotten gains that the Terranaughts have compiled over the years, they have rapidly become the single largest threat to lawfulness in the Inner Universe. The Terranaughts are possibly the best equipped, best trained, and most infamous criminal organization in known history. The incredible thing however, is that for all their notoriety, little is known about the organizations heirarchy. The Police and Military have no idea who the leader is, or if one even exists. They do not know whether there is one "head honcho" running everything, or whether the Terranaughts have more of a communal leadership system, in which no one individual is in charge. The latter possibility is considered to be the most likely as the organization is too widespread to be governed by a single individual.

Weaponry Edit

As stated above, the Terranaughts are one of the hardest hitting organizations in the Universe. They are so well equipped that they have been listed as one of the largest militarys in the Universe, despite their lack of political allegiance. Made up primarily of mercs that have a grudge with authority, expect the unexpected, as the Terranaughts do not have any "general issue" weaponry for their members. They pack what they want, for what the job requires. Even more incredible is that the Terranaughts have in the past amassed huge starfleets and have even engaged in major battles with ULP forces. The most notable of these was the Battle of Caprica, named for the largest moon in the Athena System, where the battle took place. The bulk of the Terranaught fleets consist of Barricuda-class Frigates and Peregrine-class Destroyers. Being military ships, either bought under the table, or captured through ambushes on the frontier. With these ships in their control, the Terranaughts have free reign over systems that do not have active military garrisons within close proximity.