Seamus O'Shaughnessy was the leader of a now defunct group of data-pirates known as The Irish Intelligen-CIA a pun on both O'Shaughnessy's Irish Heritage and the old Earth intelligence organization of centuries past.

O'Shaughnessy is best known for widebanding the Ultima Corporation's complete security protocols manual, which resulted in massive losses by the company until their infrastructure could be adjusted. Shortly after this action, O'Shaughnessy's body was discovered just outside the main receiving hall of The Library. However, his head was never recovered.

O'Shaughnessy was later revealed to have been an influential member of the Board of Scholars, and it is widely assummed that some of his acts of piracy were acts of protest against scientific secrecy, that were driven more by desire for information freedom than personal gain. As such, many ideological pirate groups revere O'Shaughnessy and see him as a "Robin Hood" figure.

Seamus Cross Edit

The Spokesmen revere O'Shaughnessy, and think of him as a martyr. The Seamus Cross is a decoration presented to members of The Spokesmen by the Board of Scholars in recognition of meritorious service on the part of the member. This award is permitted to be worn with both the formal and informal uniform, and is the only acceptable decoration on the chest of an on-duty employee. All other clan/group/species identification is limited to the wrists hands or head.