ROZ-46163 was the first android to be allowed to teach at the Olympus Academy of Arts and Sciences on Legion (OAAS Legion). Despite OAAS's history of anti-android policies, ROZ-46163 was allowed to teach Advanced Theoretical Physics at the Academy after nearly five years of court battles.

After a forty-year long career at the Academy ROZ-46163 was finally rewarded three years ago when it was given a position on the Board of Directors at the Academy.

ROZ-46163 has recently been in the media spotlight again, this time for its opposition to Ultima Corporations use of the chemical RvX90b in crowd-control gas canisters. Prolonged exposure to RvX90b has been known to cause Riechters Disease which has only a 45% chance of survival. Those who do survive Riechters Disease have chronic muscular pain for the rest of their lives and are usually restricted to a hover-chair.