The home planet of the Razudans. It is located in the Razudan System.


Non-Razudan scientists are unsure of what the natural topograpghy of Prime originally resembled, and Razudan scientists do not care. The world as it stands now is a blasted industrial wasteland pockmarked with mines, factories, schools and labratories all dedicated to the advancement of Razudan Sciences, and all ignoring the existance of anything that might resemble art.

Human archeologists who have visitied Prime have compared the entire planet's appearance to a 20th century Soviet Gulag, as the planet appears devoid of anything not strictly and pragmatically practical. Human archeologists have also been encouraged to leave the planet as quickly as possible so that they may avoid facing the wrath of the Riders of Information, who consider the practice of archeology to be an unnecessarily sentimental, pseudo-scientific exploration of events that have vanished into the timeline, and therefore no longer matter.

This Orwellian nightmare of a planet has been poked and prodded into submission by the various scientific experiments conducted by the Razudans. Even the weather doesn't dare step out of control. All of the naturally occurring ecosystems have been broken beyond the point of repair, and the world's ability to sustain life is now strictly regulated by artifical processes. Native species have virtually vanished, save for the few rodent-like and insect-like creatures hardy enough to exist within the walls of the sterile world of the Razudans. Razudan foodstuffs consist entirely of yeast and algae based cultures (a technology that appears to have been "borrowed" from the Gielians homeworld of Gelias), and the growth process of the algae also appears to be linked to scrubbing the toxic emmisions of the planets manufacturing from the air, rendering it still breatheable (barely).

Razudan Technology is represented everywhere, but the Razudans are not above using or modifying effective designs from other races. They just tend not to pay for them. Rather they "reverse-engineer" them into their own strictly functional forms.