Founded by a former Legion espionage officer whose family was killed by Ultima Corp, the Pen Guns for Hire are an alliance of members from several factions who are all determined to risk their lives for the utter destruction of the Corpers.


After founder Samer 791's family, unit 791, was killed by enforcers of the Ultima Corporation, Samer vowed to commit all of his resources to fighting Ultima. He started the Pen Guns and continued gathering information on Ultima leaders, leading to several assasinations of people within the Company. When Ultima released its plans to gain a monopoly on the newly Discovered PAX system, and set up a base on the planet E'hi'tor, the Pen Guns were the First to follow. Setting up a base in a cloaked satillite orbiting the Planet, the Pen Guns stand ready to gather intel as soon as war breaks out.

Name OriginsEdit

Legend has it that after Samer 791 decided to found the group, he watched a favorite twentieth century spy movie where a pen was converted into a low profile firearm that was used for an assasination. Inspired, Samer combined the concept with the term "Guns for Hire" to come up with the name.


As the Pen Guns are devoted soley to the destruction of Ultima, and are a small group, they do not have the strength in numbers nor the skills to be a faction in themselves. Members may come from any of the factions, so long as said faction is in conflict with Ultima.


Pen Guns is an espionage-for-profit business. For a price, an agent will shadow the target of the customer's choice and collect information on the person's wherabouts and entourage. Samer 791 has announced that the hours of operation and rates along with other details will be posted prior to the war's beginnings.


To register, please visit the corresponding talk page.

If you want to join, remember that you are not registering for a different faction, you are still working for your respective faction. We are not an independant faction, and as such, we are not registered as a separate faction. If you join, you will still be a part of whatever faction you joined, you will just be also working for your faction through us. We ask that if you join, you have some way to gather intel planned, be it infiltration or eavesdropping. Contact information will be available shortly.

Sincerely, Samer 791