PAX is home to the largest conflict the 'verse has ever seen.

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PAX is a newly discovered star system. It contains four planets which are rich in minerals and other resources along with other less hospitable bodies. The PAX system is situated between the Inner Universe and the Frontier.

The entire PAX system is subject to aggressive settlement by all four color factions. It is unknown which faction will take control.

The Corpers want it to establish a new base of operations in order to spread their tech to the Frontier. The Crossbones Exchange wants to use it as a launching bay to distribute their cracked Ultima Corp. warez to the Frontier. The Radicals can by far make best use of it with their improved mining techniques, to help in settling and taming the Frontier, and the Bleeding Hearts... well, you can never know what the bleeding hearts are thinking, but they're coming to PAX, and shooting whoever they have decided are the "bad guys."

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(Planets are followed by their moons, and all are sustainable worlds unless otherwise mentioned)

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