On the farthest moon from the planet La'an, Victrey, exists a small colony of Chellians who have come to learn more about the newly discovered system, PAX. The colony is composed of around eight thousand Chellians, including those who have set the colony as their port for their ships. While the colony is government run, the Chellians there are allowed to do as they please. Most stay in the colony or their ships, but small numbers have been seen on different planets and ships.

The official reason given for the creation of the colony is a research mission, for some of the planets in the PAX system exhibit unusual qualities. Rumors have begun to spread around, claiming that the Chellian military is planning a hostile takeover of a planet, but most believe it's ludicrous. It would bring the wrath of the ULP on them, and the Chellians are hardly a match for the other species of the universe.

The Observatory also serves a number of purposes for non-Chellians. It is the home of the Chellian embassy, and non-Chellians are allowed to ask for diplomatic immunity if they so choose. A number of Chellian goods are sold, including a number of exotic ships and weaponry, with few to no questions asked. Although unofficial, the mercenary group Octavius resides here, and if one has connections, they aren't hard to find.