NeuroShunt is a blanket term used to describe a wide array of neurological performance enhancing devices that are not implanted and do not provide long term benefits. A NeuroShunt usually consists of a liquid capsule with a mixture of chemicals and nanobots that are specifically designed to enhance one or many areas of the users brain.

Potential UsersEdit

Elitist Computer GroupsEdit

Groups that pride themselves on enhanced knowledge of the ways of local systems or The Grid are known to use NeuroShunts on a regular basis in order to enhance their performance when preforming tasks. The largest group of users in this category can be found in the Crossbones Exchange, must notably among the Engineers.

Military MembersEdit

The use of NeuroShunts is also common among members of most all military units. They are most favored by pilots and commanders. Most military users use NeuroShunts to maintain high levels of intellectual prowess for long periods of time, or when they are placed under high stress.

Biochemical ProcessEdit

Effects of Chemicals and NanobotsEdit

Side EffectsEdit

There is little published research on the side effects of both short and long term use of NeuroShunts. It is reported that directly after the effects of the NeuroShunt begin to fade, the user will experience a neurological "crash", and experience a period of intellectual slowness and general disorientation. Long term effects remain unknown.



Legality of NeuroShunts to the public is varying by area. Most border and frontier planets have no laws restricting the use of NeuroShunts and thus in these areas production prospers. Some planets or areas have banned the use of NeuroShunts due to a lack of knowledge regarding the side effects of prolonged use. In these areas, a thriving black market is almost always present. Most Neuroshunts that are provided to these black markets are purchased at border worlds, then illegally imported to restricted zones.


Most military units have taken the stance that use of NeuroShunts is not allowed, but this rule is rarely enforced. Most members of military units openly use NeuroShunts with no negative repercussions. If a person was to be reprimanded, the punishment could be equated to a slap on the wrist.