The Network Connection and Regulation Board (NCRB) is a group of people with the express purpose of maintaining and regulating connections to the Interstellar Communication Grid. The primary purpose of this group is to make sure that all systems are able to connect to The Grid and to maintain the equipment responsible for Grid operations.



The NCRB was formed when corporate control of the Interstellar Communication Grid was beginning to overstep its bounds. It was decided that it would benefit all citizens if control of the Grid was handed to a group that had no other responsibility other than maintenance of the Grid. It was concluded that a group that had members from all of the major sects of society would best regulate the Grid. This also provided the opportunity for the Grid to be placed outside of governmental or personal search requests.

Significant ActionsEdit

The most significant action that the NCRB has been involved in was regarding their policy to not release logs or records to outside entities. When the Engineers first released a cracked version of the Corpers created Homeworld AI system, the Corpers immediately attempted to gain access to records regarding the source of the original distribution. The NCRB maintained their policy of not releasing any information, and thus gained strong precedent in regards to their policies. The government stood behind the NCRB's decision.