The multiscope' or sometimes Razudan multiscope refers to the array of scopes made by the Razudans in the Razudan System. Sometimes "multiscope" is used to refer to other similar scopes built in other systems.



The major problem with telescopes is their size. Do to physical limitations in beams of light (see Dawes' limit), the arperture size is what quickly limits resolution. The simple way to work with this limiation is to increase the size of the telescope. The bigger the telescope, the better the resolution that can be achieved.

Working around the limitationsEdit

One way to work around the limitation is to split the recievers up, and merge the results together. The Very Large Array was built upon this concept. It's easier to do with radio waves beacuse they are distorted less by the atmosphere. When Humans were building the very large array, the Razudans had already completed an early version of the multiscope, on their colonies spread throughout the Razudan system. It required an intricate calculation, and information transmission system with all the colonies moving in different orbits around the Raduzan sun, through different patches of radiation and matter densities. Their resolution was then unsurpassed, and the Razudan system multiscope continues to be the greatest "telescope" in the verse.

Current statusEdit

With an effective arperture size of 10 trillion meters, their effective resolution is 2*10-11 arcseconds. For star systems that are 5 light years away, their resolution is a little under 3 meters, which is enough to pick out roads on a clear day. For systems like the Sol System, which was about 2000 light years away (before The Cataclysm), the resolution is about a kilometer, which is enough to tell the weather on the side of the planet facing Prime. Needless to say, the Razudans were able to determine which planets in the Inner verse had sentient life, and which ones did not.

Besides being a visibile light telescope and radio telescope, the Razudans also used this technology to create a super transmitter. As the Gielians were beginning to explore places beyond the Kygas System. The Razudans were able to send a simple signal. This confused the Gielian scientists substantially, as they were unsure of how a signal could be sent so cleanly across the great distances, they sent a few sleeper ships off toward the Razudan system, where they were able to make first contact with the Razudans.