Mechanized Armored Assault Suit

The MAAS unit is the end all be all in the world of personal combat. When a someone steps into one of these he becomes a walking tank with more fire power then a platoon basic infantry. Normally deployed in high intensity conflict situations and Ship to ship combat actions.

Consisting of a Duratanium outer shell and a inner Cognitive Duratanium layer beneath, the suit offers protection from a range of ballistic profiles. It incorporates a powered exoskeleton greatly enhancing the users strength, enabling the wearer to move under the massive weight of the suit. In addition to an on board sensor suite and communications package a number of other specialized on board systems are also produced for them. The suit and on board systems are normally powered via a series on high density power packs. Well, theoretically a miniaturized fusion powerplant could be made for a suit but you would be hard pressed to find someone thats willing to run around with one on their back.


Scout UnitEdit

Forgoing most of the armor of a normal MAAS but still sturdy enough to be immune to most small arms, these units normally have high end sensor systems, optical camouflage, long range comms gear, and greater range than standard units. These units fill reconnaissance and security roles.

Line UnitEdit

Don't let the name fool you. Standard MAAS units can be equipped with range of both factory and after market additions. This makes no two encounters the same.

Juggernaut UnitEdit

When you need go toe to toe with a main battle tank, or eat few rounds from an Ares HAEW, this or a starship is what you want to be in. With a battery life measured in hours and a price tag larger then most private spacecraft, they are as devastating as they are rare.

Mercenaries have a saying about these suits. "The only time you should be in the same timezone as a Juggernaut, is when YOU'RE wearing it.