The LongEye-class Deep Space Explorer is the second in the line of *Eye-class modules used for deep-space exploration. The Long-Eye, as well as its predecessor, the SharpEye-class explorer, were unmanned probes sent out for scientific purposes; the SharpEye was only capable of roughly 4.5 light years worth of travel, while the LongEye was a vast improvement, capable of approximately 72.5 light years worth of travel. Both units were equipped with a full array of data sensors, including video, audio, spectrographs, seismographs, and infrared imaging technology.

The most modern module, the EagleEye-class explorer, was able to carry the first colonists to the PAX system due to its incredible 153 light year range. The module, the KXL04 "Starseeker", is currently being housed by the Ultima Corp., its architect and builder, in an undisclosed location.