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LifeHack: Reinventing your life, not the wheelTM is another fine product from the Ultima Corporation marketed for the modern 25th century man or woman.

According to Ultima Corporation's Press Release

Our mission is to help our clients exceed even their own expectations through our proven unique Back on TRACK© system. A framework that explores the following key areas: Time, Relationship, Action, Career, and Knowledge. While other products only focus on one or two areas to achieve personal success, LifeHack takes a holistic approach, tailored to each customer’s unique set of circumstances. Each user receives a Life Needs Assessment, which provides the foundation for a personalized program.

History Edit

LifeHack version 1.0, codenamed "Excalibur" was a project that produced the first prototype VIR or Visual Integrated Recognition machine. Only 7 prototypes were built; the whereabouts of these machines are unconfirmed and the original product was never released to consumers. It is speculated that McKay has the original in a glass case in his office, and prototype #2 is locked away in the archives of The Library. It is rumored that the leader of the Engineers stole prototype #6. Ultima denies the misplacement or theft of any version 1.0 VIR hardware.

LifeHack version 1.5, codenamed "Merlin" was the first consumer product.

LifeHack version 2.0 codenamed "Trinity" incorporates nanotechnology within its superior software and hardware solution.

Details Edit

LifeHack is a consumer product based on the LifeNet platform.