Lamprey-class Resource Extractor

“In accordance with ULP regulation RA-67246 I am issuing this warning. Lawful resource extraction will commence in 24 galactic standard hours. Any sentient remaining at that time will be reclassified as Bio-mass, and is subject to harvesting” Duty officer on the Ultima Corporation Resource Extractor Bountiful harvest around the Planet once know as Larren 5. Now know as Ultima compiler farm 7

The Lamprey-class resource extractor is the largest Vessel in the Ultima fleet. Weighing in at 1,430,244,000 register tons including tenders. This gives the ship a area of 405,000 sq km. Roughly 60 percent of this space is given over to holding cells for the elements extracted for the unlucky planet. Though huge the Lamprey is not a combat vessel and has no weapon systems. It does support top of the line ECM, ECCM ,and counter-measure suite. But relies on support ships for protection.

Resources are harvested from the planet via a fleet of small semi-automated tenders that detach from the Lamprey. These tenders employ a “Stripper system” that projects a Hard Light field about the target area ripping a chuck from the planet. Bio-mass is harvested first, as it can be damaged once harvesting of natural resources starts. Bio-Mass sensors on the tenders can detect anything from Lichen to Sentients, through up to 3 meters of stone. All material is then returned to the Mothership for processing.

The extraction process itself makes use of the planets resources itself as it tears it apart. The ship lands on the largest source hydrogen on the target. Extracting the hydrogen from whatever form it's in (Water, Ice, in one documented example 30 meter wide jellyfish analog's) to power a series of low yield fusion reactors. All non-organic solid matter is passed through these reactors. The resulting vapor/sludge is then processed in Industrial class Nano-vats.

The Nano-vats process and sort all matter at a the molecular Level. The Storage system on board the lamprey is modular. As storage cells fill they can by cross load to freighters, and shipped to market or Industrial hubs.