The Inner Heart Council is the leading division of the Bleeding Hearts. However, as they will never step outside of the the Inner Universe, the other divisions that are in The Frontier think they are really not fit to lead, but that doesn't stop them. They send orders directly to the Blood Judges. The Inner Heart Council collates intelligence recieved from Ara Special Forces and plans strategy accordingly. The negativity towards the Council comes from the other divisions of the Bleeding Hearts who constantly on the front lines. In the end though, it's hard to argue with success, so there is little dissension outside of mess hall grumblings.


When the Bleeding Hearts was formed, the three leaders plotted its growth. They planned the perfect leadership for the Bleeding Hearts and initiated the Inner Heart Council (as the "Heart Council"). It was made up of the three of them and would slowly add to the membership in pairs to retain an odd number. While the full Council size continues to swell, there are always only three members at the highest rank at any given time.

Current AgeEdit

Currently, the Inner Heart Council is made up of 999 members. No one person leads the Bleeding Hearts. Approximately 70% of the council is human while the rest is made up of various races, even those from outside of the Big Seven. They meet in a single building at least two times a week and have small groups that meet together outside of the main meeting room. The council is located on Legion at the HQ of the Bleeding Hearts.