This group is part of the TerraDrive Universe but is not intended as a TerraDrive Live registered faction.


The Individualists tend to act in a similar fashion as the Radicals save for one key element; they act solely for themselves as individuals, acting together only when their ideals coincide with one another, which tends to be the case when dealing with any sort of governmental authority. Free thought is their weapon, the will of the masses their armor. They believe that any sort of government will eventually become corrupt, and that the public will bear the burden. This being said, they know the capabilities of government and know that their numbers are far too small for open revolution. The only recourse left - guerrilla tactics, espionage, and whatever else is necessary to bring about the fall of the capitalist regimes that control and regiment the masses into war, usury, and worse. They come from all walks of life. They are as diverse as the faces of the largest crowds. They are everywhere and nowhere; they may even be you. They tend to be regarded as myth or urban legend due to the fact that they have no leader and act largely on their own.


The Individualists were created after the civil war on the droid home world of Mekano by The Emerald Machine, who challenged individuals to think, act, and stand up for themselves. A large scale coup was planned by them, but the Individualists were overcome due to the superior technology and weaponry the Mekano government possessed. Many of them were killed, but none truly know how many there were, because they could be anyone.