Iamb is the self proclaimed cultural center of The Frontier, home to various painters, sculptors, authors, actors, etc, and is the most popular destination for those who would willingly leave The Inner Universe (not counting the sudden interest in PAX). The wealthiest of all frontier worlds, Iamb earns its wealth through the export of fine art and media to places that can afford such luxuries and had, until the construction of Starbase Prose, been a popular target for piracy and other illicit dealings.

Major CitiesEdit

Pentameter CityEdit

The capital of Iamb, Pentameter is the second largest of its cities mainly due to being the first settlement to be constructed on the planet and home to the only major starport on the planet.

New AryssanEdit

A predominantly Aryssian city founded near Pentameter, New Aryssan is the largest city on Iamb and the largest Aryss settlement in the frontier. There is a bit of tension between the loyalists of the inner city and the outcasts who live just inside the city limits, but members of the two groups mostly ignore each other as they persue their crafts.

Starlit CityEdit

A town of actors, Starlit City is home to some of the most famous names in recent history. Originally the site of a few small movie studios, Starlit City rapidly grew after a few early successes attracted the notice of some of the Universe's top acting talent. Today it is the most popular destination in the universe, attracting young hopefuls and veteran actors alike (not to mention the heavy tourist trade) who would forsake the relative comfort of the Inner Universe for a shot at the ultimate in stardom.