The HumansEdit

The Humans are one of the 'Big Seven' races of the United League of Planets, the governing body of the Inner Universe. They originated from Earth, within the Sol System. After The Catyclysm, the planet Legion of the Olympus System was made the new official homeworld of Humanity.


Humanity is still alive and kicking in the 25th century, despite its best efforts. Surviving a century spanning global war fueled by rampant xenophobia and enabled by ever-deteriorating global foreign policies has forged humanity in the fire of battle and conflict- they aren't a warmongering race of hawks, but they aren't adverse to bringing the fight, rather than waiting for it to show up.

Humankind has found its place in the universe. Leaving the utterly destroyed cradle of Earth behind, humanity has proliferated among the stars, secure in their martial superiority to advance themselves without fear of incursion by hostile forces. They maintain strong ties with the other races of the Inner Universe- most of their most advanced technology is adapted, predominantly from the diminutive Razudans, whom they see as academic giants.

The other races of the Inner Universe tolerate humans, like a shared household tolerates a tame, even-tempered guard dog- keep it fed and pat it on its head, and it won't go berserk and waste an entire system in a fit of rage. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. Truth be told, most other races will deal with humans with a kind word and a smile, but honestly, you can't be too careful around a race whose chief contribution to society is weaponry and defense technology (see Armed Legion Forces).