A miracle of Razudan medical engineering, Healall Liniment is an effective supplement to the body's natural healing processes, a topically applied liquid that stimulates the regrowth of damaged tissue in the affected area. Healall comes both in bottles and pre-applied on certain bandages. Healall improves the likelihood of successfully reattaching severed limbs and organs as well as increasing the chances of the body accepting new ones all together (a major boon to cutthroats and mechanics everywhere), but it cannot be used to completely regenerate lost ones from nothing but the remaining tissue.

Repeated exposure of Healall to completely undamaged areas can have an unintended side effect of causing unwanted growths (commonly known as hypochondriac warts) on the area where it is applied. Healall is unable to dull pain and should not be used to treat headaches or soreness. Healall is available without a prescription, but purchase by anyone who has recently purchased a topical muscle relaxant or on-contact pain killer is restricted by the ULP's department of health in an attempt to curtail production of the illegal drug Baneskin.