The GieliansEdit

The Gielians are one of the 'Big Seven' races of the United League of Planets, the governing body of the Inner Universe. Their Homeworld is Gelias, a planet in the Kygas System.


A race of colourful insectoids, a fascinating people, provided you aren't a total insecto-phobe. Standing at roughly the same height as the humans and aryss, the Gielians are a demihumanoid race with two arms and two legs, each bearing a set of four articulating digits. They also have a second, external articulating jaw, which is dexterous enough to serve as a second pair of hands. They have a set of dragonfly-like wings, which while looking fragile, are strong and functional enough to allow them to leap great distances, slow their falls or change direction in midair. Their internal systems are open and simplistic (and icky) and they have an exceptionally durable exoskeleton, made of thick chitin which rivals the hardness of industrial polymer compounds.

The Gielians are a strange race, often feared and ostracized... and frankly, some of those fears are well warranted. Formerly a race comprised of several different species- workers, soldiers, breeders, etc. -all held in check by a hive-mind mentality, the Gielians were a race plagued by disease and genetic defects. In order to preserve their civilization, the leaders of their race, the species known as the Thinkers instructed their underlings to interbreed with each other in an effort to deepen the gene pool and make themselves less vulnerable. The result of this gambit is the hybrid we call the modern Gielian.

But even with this advancement, the Gielians are a race that suffer from a massive case of culture shock; dealing with the other warm-blooded races is remarkably difficult for these bugs. For one, most Gielians are incapable of forming the vowel and consonant sounds used in most languages other than their own; many forgo linguistic training and simply install real-time translators into their exoskeletons. Another difficulty this race fights are the superfluous functions still left over from their progenitor species; for one, they still exhibit traces of the hive mind and can quite literally leap into one another's minds for seconds at a time, sensing everything they can sense for the duration. This can be accomplished either through intense concentration or simply by accident. More frightening, this remnant of the hive-mind conflicts with the newfound sense of individuality, sometimes with horrible results. The most common cause of Gielian involved death comes from 'freakouts', in which the Gielian will forget about individuality and attempt to terminate a perceived 'useless' individual. Be very wary around these beings.

Notable accomplishmentsEdit

Among the first to substantially persue interstellar space travel, they made first first contact with the Razudans.