The home planet of the Gielians. It is located in the Kygas System


The cities of the Gielians seem to emerge from the vestiges of the Gielian Hive Mind, because to the human eye, they appear to be nothing more than giant termite towers filled with holiday lights. Gielians cities are essentially massive arcologies, with levels dedicated to yeast-based food production, living quarters, product manufacturing, entertainment complexes and government offices, scattered seemingly at random throughout the levels of the city.

Since the Gielians' unique insectiod physiology gives them multi-faceted eyes sensitive to radiation spectrums beyond visible light, as well as their ability to detect subtle pheremonal changes in individual members of the species, their cities are a navigation nightmare for other species. The Gielians do not use any sort of conventional mapping systems, but rather use sequences of changing lights and artificially created smells to offer continous directions to travelers througout their cities. Even restaurants, food stores, and other retailers use these systems as a form of continual advertising, broadcasting attractive scents to their fellow Gielians to entice them inside. For a non-Gielian, the effect of these cities is roughly analogous to being trapped in a gigantic Discothèque inhabited by gigantic, flowery smelling cockroaches. Gielians understand the inablity of other species to adapt to their cities, and address the problem through two unique solutions.

One way in which the Gielians addressed the problem was by creating an offworlder support organization called T'Chipa, which translates into "The Chirp." Every offworld visitor is assigned a Chirpa, or guide, before entering any Gielian city, and that guide is duty and honor bound to ensure the safety of the traveler under any circumstances.

The other is by building small enclave towns, called C'rahls, which serve as embassies and meeting places for offworlders and Gielians. These enclaves are equipped with normal lighting, and directional signage that are meant to assist in maintaing good relations between the Gielians and other species, however, the lack of the usual stimulus has led to stressful encounters between Gielians and other species, sometimes with disastrous results.