Fugae-Z is a psychoactive compound that causes the user to think they are experiencing a chemically enhanced state of being. This means that a user can be told they are taking SilverEye and will think they have increased reflexes (they will feel more agile) when in reality this is not the case.

Fugae-Z is legitimately used to cure social phobias and other minor mental disorders, as a "superplacebo," meaning that if a user thinks it has a certain effect, it will have that effect upon that user's brain. Therefore it is very effective in controlling emotions. Its legal prescription is carefully controlled, however, as giving someone a dose and telling them it will make them fly might get them to jump off a roof and try.

Interrogation techniques often include Fugae-Z usage. Although skilled agents have been known to successfully fight the effects of Fugae-Z, most are not able to do so.