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Created as a splinter faction of the Corpers, The Smoking Bear Fighting Squadron(SBFS)still adheres to many of the priciples of the corpers, but has chosen to specialize in covert fighting operations acting as one of the main offensive arms of the corpers. Squad Leader Monovitae originally broke off from the corporation to create The SBFS due to an opionon that the Corpers were to soft on its advesaries. Along with him Monovitae brought along Captian O as the champion of the SBFS.


Recruitment is open as mentioned at the top of the page. Rumor has it that adventurous individuals may join factions at their arrival to the battlezone(PAX). Additionally anyone in the surrounding realms can find and identify Monovitae and Captian O and thus join the SBFS by the badges with the official embem(see above) or by finding their battle crusier(Black 97 Vette) with the images placed within the windows.


SBFS is a splinter offensive force of the Corpers, they take pride in being especially cunning and excessively brutal.


To register, please visit the corresponding talk page.

Contact information will be available shortly. A rally point will be made available shortly as well.

Sincerely, Monovitae


As a side note anyone may feel free to add to this page the more people that want to help the better. The direction of the SBFS is a product of its members and nothing more.