Standard DurataniumEdit

An ultra-resistant alloy, Duratanium has made its mark as an armor compound for light starcruisers and most land-based vehicles. Duratanium is molded into the shape of whatever it covers (usually into the shape of plating), and once it cools, it is one of the most durable metals known to the 'verse, lending to its name. It is nearly completely heat resistant, and is one of the few metals that takes no damage from the friction of planetary re-entry. Duratanium is also incredibly durable, maintaining very impressive strength-to-weight ratios even at high temperatures; one laboratory test showed a sample of Duratanium maintaining shape and stability even at pressure reaching upwards of 350,000 psi.

Personal DurataniumEdit

Although Duratanium was initially created as a vehicle armor, there are individuals, either through substantial wealth or through less legitimate means, who purchase the metal to be used as body armor; this is few and far between, however, as Duratanium is very heavy, even in small amounts, so Duratanium body armor, while safe, poses serious mobility issues.

Infused DurataniumEdit

When Ultima Astronautics was building their older Juggernaut class battleships, they were mass producing duratanium hulls. One of their plants had an accident and its liquid oxygen cooling system leaked into the molding area. The resultant Duratanium in one of the batches was quite a bit heavier but also was substantially stronger. The process was quickly studied and perfected. The new material, now called Infused Duratanium is commonly used in ship hulls. Particularly on bigger ships, but also on smaller ships of the more wealthy.