Cybermages are nondescript individuals who wield the awesome powers of Cybermagick and go to great lengths to hide it from the universe. Posessing unparraleled skills in the construction and installation of cybernetics, their technology is decades, possibly even centuries beyond the most advanced modifications on the market today.

It is not known when Cybermagick first appeared in the universe or with which race it originated, but it is widely considered by the various groups in charge of the universe to be both an unmeasureable threat and an untapped source of knowledge. This fear and greed from universal society is one of the suggested reasons as to why cybermages hoard their technology and hide it away from others; other reasons purposed include their possible fears of its misuse and the desire to keep its origins secret. We may never know the truth behind their secrecy, yet the fact remains that they walk amoung us undetected, even by the best of our professionals and equipment.

Early SightingsEdit

Reports of individuals possesing abilities similar to those seen in modern times have supposedly occured on the worlds of many of the universe's species before the universe was united by the advent of Sky Drive technology.

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