The Zoomatibike, more commonly known as the Clunker, is an ill-regarded single person transport that would have quickly fallen off the market a few years after its introduction if not for its low price. The nickname clunker is so commonly used that few people actually know the Zoomatibike brand name and those that do wouldn't be caught dead referring to them as such. Its sole claim to fame is its tendency to fall apart on drives lasting longer than a few hundred kilometers.

The design for the clunker is reminiscent of an ancient human vehicle known as a motorcycle, but unlike its ancestor, the clunker is commonly outfitted with a relatively large storage compartment on the back end. The storage compartment is commonly replaced with a large engine extension by racing enthusiasts and mercenaries alike (therefore adding to the danger), but some less reputable mercenary owners have opted to keep the compartment in order to more easily transport their captured prisoners. The stock model clunker uses wheels, but customers who frequently travel off-road tend to purchase after-market hover conversions.