The Board of ScholarsEdit

The Board of Scholars is the controlling body of The Library, the repository of all media that was created by humans on Legion and is now maintained by The United League of Planets.

The Board's individual members are a shadowy collection of powerful figures, who are represented by their public face known only as The Spokesmen, who act as a combination public relations and police force that is tasked with the Herculean responsibility of protecting the integrity of information contained in The Library.

Little information is known about the compostion of the Board, even its size. Estimates range from as few as a dozen members to as many as a hundred, with the most common estimates being in the middle. What is know for certain is that Board members of all species are elected for life, and are sworn to secrecy about their position on the board,a rule that has never been broken. However several members have been identified posthumously, including, most famously Seamus O'Shaughnessy the notorius data-pirate whose small independent syndicate was a thorn in the side of the Corpers until his untimely death.

Board meetings are held regularly, as the board issues status reports on ongoing expansions and acquisitions through The Spokesmen on a regular quarterly cycle, but where the meetings take place, the exact frequency of the meetings, and what portion of the Board attends are all shrouded in the strictest secrecy.

Both the Corpers and the Crossbones Exchange have a vested interest in identifying individual members of the Board, as the ability to influence policy in The Library would be an invaluable tool in their continual struggle. Conversely, it is widely rumored that there are members of both factions who are secretly also members of the Board, and they use their postions to root out infiltrators, and prevent the anonymity of the Board from being compromised.

Suspected MembersEdit