Bioweave, in some form, has been in use by the Aryss for several centuries. It is made of the fibers of the cahrt plant that evolved on hostle Aryssan. A simple weave of cahrt fibers has similar properties as tetrakevlar, though not as strong. What makes cahrt into bioweave is the application of nanotechnology. Cahrt stalks can survive on very few nutrients, so with a system of nanobots to deliver those nutrients a cahrt cloth becoms a living organism. Live bioweave will recover and regrow as long as there is power for the nanobots and food for the bioweave. Bioweave is used wherever durabilty is key. With proper metabolism boosts (provied by nanobots) a tear in bioweave can heal itself in less than a second. As armor its main advanage is its inability to be permantly damaged. Though inferior to tetrakevlar in strength, if properly layered it is still nearl impossible to cut or stab through. Like all soft armors, it is suseptable to concussion damage, but it holds up well to projectiles. With the proper cybernetic enhancements, bioweave can actually be programmed to capture ammunition and store it for re-use by the wearer.