The Armed Legion Forces represent the main military body in the Big Seven. With Humans being one of the most militaristic races in the Universe, it is no suprise that their military is one of the largest. They are one of the main members of the United League of Planets Armed Forces, and often spearhead military efforts against such groups as the Terranaughts. They also branch out on the Frontier and watch over human colonization efforts. Along with the military of the Androsi, the Armed Legion Forces help maintain a general state of order throughout the Universe.

Branches Edit

The Armed Legion Forces consist of several branches. The Legion Navy is the bulk of the ALF, with nearly all spacecraft and starfighters falling into its classification. The Legion Army is made entirely of infantry(Legionnaires) and armored units, which are the placeholders if you will, making sure that Human colonies can remain guarded from hostile lifeforms. The third and final branch is that of the Legion Air Force, which operates air superiority in-atmosphere, providing air support for the Army. The main role of the ALF is to protect human interests throughout the universe, and to do so with such show of force to deter any race from challenging it.