Currently there are a total of 104 large archaeolgy sites being currently explored on various planets both habitable and non-habitable.

The first sites 49 are large graves of species that died on that planet during some extinction event or another (meteor, super volcano etc).

The next 41 are composed of villages of intelligent species with a technology level of stone age to bronze age (most are ancestor to members of the Big Seven but some are extinct species).

The next 11 sites are cities with a technology level of early industrial society that seem to have killed each other in some war or another.

The final 3 sites that were discovered recently on the planet Dorsin have been the most interesting to the scientific community at large because the ruins found so far suggest a society with space travel equivalent in speed to what the Big Seven use normally.

It is rumored that some recent technologies have been aquired from studying relics found at the sites but this is unconfirmed because all information in and out of the system is currently under heavy security.

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