The Ara Special Forces are a special division of the Bleeding Hearts faction. They are comprised of the strongest and most capable from the standard army divisions and are feared and respected on most planets.


In the early 25th century as the Bleeding Hearts were expanding, certain operations required a discreetness or "plausible deniability". Some people it was just best to deal with without them knowing who was doing the shooting.

Hearts Captain Tyrus Blackwell was chosen for the job of arranging such a group. Blackwell chose the best of the best from Bleeding Hearts soldiers and soon had a task force to deal with Bleeding Hearts' more discreet operations. The soldiers were informed of the fact they would not be acknowledged if captured and accepted these conditions for the betterment of the universe.

Captain Blackwell started operations with the Skirmish of Mogdir-A'tal, a battle soon renowned for its brutality. Despite the fierce fighting Ara Special Forces escaped unscathed. Soon after the skirmish rumours began to spread about Bleeding Hearts' new task force. Ara Special Forces quickly gained a reputation for leaving none alive.

Current DayEdit

Nowadays it is common knowledge that Ara Special Forces does indeed exist and that it is an arm of the Bleeding Hearts. However its roster and current leadership are unknown and those who pursue information about the organization soon find out a lot more than they bargained for.