The AndrosiEdit

The Androsi are one of the 'Big Seven' races of the United League of Planets, the governing body of the Inner Universe. Their homeworld is the water planet Andros of the Na-Drei System.


A race of azure, amphibious humanoids, hailing from the high-gravity water-world of Andros. They stand can anywhere from 6'5 to a whopping 8'4 in height, but have extremely slight, lightweight (but solid) frames. Their skin comes in varying shades of blue, ranging from pale cyan for those native to the arctic regions to darker, almost navy tones for those from the equatorial regions, their eyes are the colour of copper and they have wildly coloured hair, ranging from brilliant orange, lime green and salmon pink. Their most recognizable feature is their long tail; used to maneuver themselves in water, it's prehensile in its dexterity.

They're renown and well loved for many things. For one, homeworld-born Androsi exhibit fantastic strength and agility on worlds with lower gravity, able to lift many times their own weight, keep pace with cars and leap tremendous distances; Androsi born elsewhere, while less supernatural in their physical prowess, are still many times stronger than the average humanoid. It's worth noting that the Androsi do not use firearms in any of their wars are conflict, instead utilizing their own 4000-year perfected system of martial arts and traditional crystalline blades and spears, which they have used since the origin of their civilization. They believe that the use of guns by their already gifted warriors would be cheating.

The character of the Androsi is much loved by the rest of the races of the known universe. Strong and proud of their long, rich history of triumph over adversity, yet never too proud to crack a harebrained joke, chuckle like an idiot and point out that yes, as a race, they're all a little bit thick. They might be tough, but they're also downright folksy and pleasant, like the old hippy that sells kooky pins and buttons at the flea market, except without such a strong patchouli smell.

The Androsi, though somewhat mentally deficient, are an important part of the universe. For one, the water planets in their dominion of space produce and export a massive amount of Deuterium, used to fuel fusion power plants and starship engines. They are extraordinarily gifted athletes, formidable warriors (an Androsi with a blade is just as imposing as human with a gun), hardy workers and fearless explorers.

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