The home planet of the Androsi. It is located in the Na-Drei System.


The Androsi, being a species that is equally at home in the water or on land have constructed their cities accordingly. Andros from space seems to consist of thousands of small villages spread over seemigly endless island chains, as Andros lacks any landmasses that could be considered continential. What is not readily apparent is that the Androsi constructed links to all inhabitation, and consider the entire planet one sprawling interconnected city, spread equally between island surfaces and subaquatic domes. They, in their admitted lack of imagination, have dubbed the city Andros-Pai, which means "Andros City".

Androsi technology runs strongly towards streamlined simple forms, most suitable for rapid aquatic travel. Hydro-Pneumatic tubes send capsules at high speeds from the various regions of the planet, exchaging tropical foodstuffs with delicacies from the polar regions. The exact mechanisms that power this aquatic subway are a closely guarded secret of the Androsi.


The Androsi prefer to leave government duties in the hands of those who most desire the responsibilites, which is none of them. Androsi tend to just leave everything alone. If something breaks, the nearest residents will all drop what they are doing to fix it, and then return to their normal course of action. This occurrs no matter how large the disaster. Sociologists of other species who have studied the Androsi have noted than when freqent and massive tropical storms sometimes destroy hundreds of subsurface domes in the equatorial regions, the population of outlying areas will simply stop working, board transport, and reconstruct the domes, recreating entire complexes in exacting detail in a matter of days. The Androsi appear to have redundant blueprints of every building in their interconnected world, and have no problem fabricating and duplicating them quickly.

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