Early on in the history of humanity, particle science revealed how energy particles, dubbed dark matter, could be created out of the seemingly random energy spikes present in a vacuum; after years of painstaking and expensive research, it seems that the Ultima Corporation could be on the verge of harnessing this power to be used on the battlefield.

Dubbed 'Project Twilight', Ultima plans on building a cannon that will operate much on the same premise of modern railgun technology; with railguns, metal is 'pulled' along a magnetic energy track, which allows the projectile to reach velocities much higher than standard firearms. 'Project Twilight' will operate much on the same premise, only using the dynamics of dark matter and energy. After harnessing enough dark matter to form a projectile, the cannon will load the 'bullet' into a firing chamber, where dark energy will pull the projectile up to speeds reaching three to four times that of an average railgun strike.

What is so enticing about 'Project Twilight', however, is not the cannon's projected firing velocity, but the result of its bullet reaching an intended target; dark matter is extremely volatile on an atomic level, and when it is struck by an opposing object, a massive explosion occurs, up to 300 times the mass of the projectile itself. So far, Ultima scientists have calculated that the most dark matter that could be accumulated in such a manner could only reach a maximum of 124 grams, but even a bullet of this size would yield a resulting explosion with a mass of 72.4 cubic meters. The implications if Ultima could perfect this technology to use a higher yield projectile are obvious. Stub templates just show off a wiki's flaws. Instead of using a stub template, make the page better!